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The challenge

Currency Cloud needed a new brand to reflect their ambitions. Only two years old, the darling of the London FinTech world already manages billions of dollars of transactions every year and is doubling in size every six months. The secret of their success is an international payment engine that enables easy, transparent and low cost money transfers to 240 countries in 39 currencies. It’s a revolutionary approach. 

What was missing? A single powerful expression of their offer that worked across all channels and for all audiences. To support targeted customer acquisition they needed a brand language to project a dynamic proposition and a unified communications platform across online, print and events.

22 pieces

of national coverage

Our answer

Working with the VP Marketing, Chief Exec, CTO and the founder, we developed a core thought, ‘Moving Money’, to inspire their identity, brand story and messaging. This leaves behind the language of the start-up and brings a new confidence to all their communications. The visual identity takes this further, with an animated logo driven by live data from their payment engine.

We looked at their audiences and realised that at the heart was a spectrum of prospects. They range from financial institutions to CEOs of FinTech start-ups, and from highly sophisticated techies to generalists who just want to understand the benefits. Our thinking led us to insights from which we created personas. We used the personas to check that communications ideas and digital concepts were on track.


CEO interviews secured

The results

We created a simple kit of parts for Currency Cloud to make using the brand as easy as possible for them, from presentation templates to a language guide that gives their new ‘voice’ consistency. Alongside their new brand identity and messaging platform, we created and produced: 

  • A new website focused on customer acquisition
  • A full suite of communication templates
  • A brand film that tells the Currency Cloud story
  • An online developer help centre with live API documentation and technical ‘sandbox’ where developers can try the APIs out
  • An inspiring and memorable brand story that engaged Currency Cloud employees.

Our messaging became the basis for a communications campaign run by Hotwire’s FinTech sector practice team to support a major funding round, with significant results:

  • Five CEO interviews secured
  • 22 pieces of coverage in national, technology, investor and financial services titles, including: TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Dow Jones Venturewire, TechCityNews and
  • 42 leads created as a direct result of the funding announcement and 38 converted
  • Over 2,500 new unique visitors to Currency Cloud’s website 

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